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Of the Training of Black Men

"Such higher training-schools tended naturally to deepen broader development: at first they were common and grammar schools, then some became high school.  And finally, by 1900 some thirty-four had one year or more of studies of college grade" (para. 15)


So I don't know if anyone has noticed but I am also interested in the current to past connections.  Here is another one.  It is interesting to see how little schooling they had back then.  Now a days, most people in the world attend college.  Back then not many, mostly wealthy, people went to school let alone college.  They just started it.  It is just so crazy for me.

How tall you are?

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Present at the Creation

"John Henry stands tall, broad shoulders above the rest" (para. 1)

I thought this was really interesting because it could have a double meaning.  John Henry could have broad shoulders and stand tall above everyone, but it could and most likely means that he does a lot more and is more recognizable than everyone else.  He is bigger and better than the rest and has done a lot more than others.  He said that he could be better than a drill and tried his hardest to prove it resulting in death.  He died doing his work which was honored, especially what he did.  So John Henry is higher than everyone in his work and effort.

Let me tell you a little about myself,..

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Two Thousand Miles for a Five-Minute Speech

"I have always had more of an ambition to do things than merely to talk about doing them" (para. 7)
"I always make it a rule to make especial preparation for each separate address...At the time, the audience before me absorbs all my sympathy, thought, and energy" (para. 35)

I chose two quotes to write about from this reading because I think they had a big significance to who he actually was.  He didn't want to just talk about what he was going to do, he wanted to go and actually do it.  That tells a lot about someone.  He did become the speaker in this situation so it didn't actually follow through but he didn't have much control over that.  The other goes a long with how he is and it is only the first and last sentence of the whole paragraph. He doesn't just write a speech and then keep saying it at different events, he adapted and changed his speech for each audience.  That tells a lot that he wanted to change the speech for each audience.  He wants them to take something away from the speech and feel what he feels about it.

I chose this as depth because I took two different quotes and connected them and discussed their significance to Washington.  I went into it and told about the quotes and what they showed him as. 

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