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Two Thousand Miles for a Five-Minute Speech

"I have always had more of an ambition to do things than merely to talk about doing them" (para. 7)
"I always make it a rule to make especial preparation for each separate address...At the time, the audience before me absorbs all my sympathy, thought, and energy" (para. 35)

I chose two quotes to write about from this reading because I think they had a big significance to who he actually was.  He didn't want to just talk about what he was going to do, he wanted to go and actually do it.  That tells a lot about someone.  He did become the speaker in this situation so it didn't actually follow through but he didn't have much control over that.  The other goes a long with how he is and it is only the first and last sentence of the whole paragraph. He doesn't just write a speech and then keep saying it at different events, he adapted and changed his speech for each audience.  That tells a lot that he wanted to change the speech for each audience.  He wants them to take something away from the speech and feel what he feels about it.

I chose this as depth because I took two different quotes and connected them and discussed their significance to Washington.  I went into it and told about the quotes and what they showed him as. 

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