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Lemire (skim Ch 2-7) -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)


While reporters are fond of styling themselves as an unsentimental, even cynical crowd, they remain in the business to bring an ignored problem to the attention of the public; to put a human face on suffering or victory; or to make sense of a complex issue."

When I first came here it was with the intention of getting a degree in Journalism. I thought that I could write stories or report them on major issue going on in the world. I thought that I would be able to help people on a global scale. Basically do everything the quote says .Well after a while I began to re-think my decision. I didn't know whether or not I could do it. After reading Lemire's I'm still not sure whether I want to continue with it or not, but it did provide me with insight into the field and the buisness .There were many things I was unaware of and many characteristics that I didn't know I needed to posses in order to ba a good journalists.


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Jara, we do have a magazine writing course at SHU, and a prerequisite for that is the news writing course (which I'm offering this fall).

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