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Introduction to Weblogs -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"Maybe it's no surprise, given how empowering it can be to have one's own thoughts transported instantly across the globe. But once there, they become fodder for anyone who is inclined to turn an author's words against him."

I've never been one for blogging. I always thought it was weird having my personal thoughts out there for everybody to see. But after reading the article I can see how appealing it is to have people viewing your blog and giving feedback on your writing. As well as all the good blogs can do if someone was writing about an important issue going on in the world. However their are some bad factors about the whole blogging thing such as people tearing your worka apart, judging, and critizing you which I have to admit is not something I'm looking forward to.

I've never really been one who was into blogging, I always thought it was weird to have my personal thoughts out there for the whole world to see. However after reading the article I do see the appeal in being able to vioce your thoughts and having people respond and provide you with their own feedback as well as how helpful blogs can be in getting issues out there and making people aware. But I can also see the risk of blogging and how easy it is for people to misconstrue or twist your words around which can have the exact opposite effect of what you wanted.


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Hey Jara?

I've just read your blog on blogging. Do you feel violated yet?

P.S. You have a typo.

"to vioce your thoughts"

Was that too critical, or what? :P

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