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Where I've been

Foster (Ch 12 and Interlude [p. 183]) -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

" We bring an individual history to our reading, a mix of previous readings, to be sure, but also a histoey that includes but is not limited to, educational attainment, gender, race, class, faith, social involvement, and philisophical inclination." (pg. 103)

While in school whenever my teacher would point out something of significance in a novel or play, I'd always think where did he get that from, or he must be making it up, cause I don't see it. It was just never evident to me until I started looking deeper, and started looking at it from his point of view. I see now that symbolism is really our point of view, and how we view the world is sorta how we see it in the books that we read. Its like everyones reading a different story because we've all been through different things, grew up in different places etc.


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