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The Joys of Pending Motherhood

O'Connor, ''A Stroke of Good Fortune'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"She was not going to have something waiting in her to make her deader, she was not."
I choose this quote because it was such a strong statement. The fear that Ruby has of being pregnant because somehow a baby will make her dead is just, wow. The fear obviously stems from her fear of turning out like her mother, or how she viewed her mother to be. Which is somewhat understandable given what were told. But I also think its ironic that her greatest fear also turns out to be her greatest fortune.


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Jennifer Prex:

Yeah, it is ironic. I guess it could be her greatest fortune for a couple reasons. One is the simple fact that having a baby is a joyous event--for most people anyways. The other could stem from the fact that it is her greatest fear. In having a baby, she is forced to face her greatest fear; she will most likely conquer her fear in the process and become a stronger person as a result.

Derek Tickle:

I also think that it is interesting that Ruby thinks that if she has a baby then death is waiting. I also agree that it is because maybe of something her mother did or fear of becoming a mother. I think that it could be her greatest fortune also becuase having a baby should be a wonderful event.

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