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Perpetuating the Cycle

O'Connor, "The Displaced Person" -- Jerz:

EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"He don't have time to rest himself in the bushes like them niggers over there."

This quote struck me because its the first meeting between Mrs. Shortley and the Guizacs, and they have just escaped the Holocaust where all these atrocities and injustices have occured, and one of the first things they are again confronted with is discrimination and racism. Mrs. Shortley has the audacity to worry about them bringing all this badness to the US when its already there and she's apart of it. They came to US because they had no where else to go, and were hoping to escape everything that they had been throuh and start over, and here they are in a place where people are not treated the same. I mean they even go as far as to tell Mr. Guizac that blacks can't be trusted becase they steal. So here Mrs. Shortley is spreading her prejudice which is what caused something like the Holocaust to happen in the first place.


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