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Blogging Portfolio Deux (that's French for two)

We are now entering the second half of my journey into the wonderful world of newswriting. In our last visit (my first reflective portfolio), I was coming to terms with what it meant to be a journalist. I had been confronted by my own preconcieved notions of what writing articles was about. I realized that I was seeking advocacy, instead of real news reporting. I won't say that a part of me doesn't still dream of saving all the starving children of the world, or fighting for gay marriage, but I have learned that if I want to be the source that people go to for information, I can't afford to hold an inch of biases in me. That may be an impossible goal to achieve because who is without their opinions? But I've learned the truth to "there are two sides to every story" and that just because I might agree with one side, doesn't mean I can ignore the other.

This is factual proof that I have blogged for the assigned readings =D. But it is really my thoughts as well as, what I took and gathered from the selected readings assigned to us in class.


With alot of the reading that we've been doing, and just with the more we talk about journalism, the more questions I seem to have. Most of them asking me to look deeper into myself in order to find answers. Journalism is definetly not all black in white, it's a whole stream of gray area, that could potentially lead to trouble. Here are a couple of entries in which I question journalistic practices.


I guess its true that you won't certainly agree with what everyone has to say. In this space, O'm going to discuss a peer's blog entry that I had opposing views on.

Pink Power was a blog posted by Shannon Moskal, in which she talks about the fear scientist and activist invoke, when trying to hype a cause, which in this case happens to be breast cancer. Shannon quotes 'what the mass media reports about hazards-which ones they select for emphasis and what information they present about them-becomes crucial in shaping public perceptions of hazards and their attendant risks.' My take is that scientist, activist, sufferers, all bring such issues like breast cancer to the forefront of public attention, to educate. I don't believe it's fear that they want to instill so much as it is for people to realize the severity of a situation. How many people if they hadn't seen the signs and commercials on breast cancer, would have went to get tested, and caught the cancer early before could spread. Shouldn't we the public, be thankful instead of spiteful that issues such as cancer are being brought to our attention. Are the pink mixmasters an extreme? yes, to a certain extent, but not to someone whose wife, mother, sister or father survived or loss the battle with breast cancer.


Here are some lovely blogs, brought to you by my peers. These are blog entries in which I left comments.


Blogs done on time...hey better late then never right???


I was the first to leave a comment on my peers blog, and then the hordes came


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