October 10, 2005

Morgan Spurlock Reflection

After all of the work that had to be done for the Morgan Spurlock event, I have come to the conclusion that this by far was my favorite article to write. Between finding extra background information from his weblog, his film Super Size Me and from wikipedia, AND attending his lecture Thursday night, I have now sure that all of these contributed to writing my favorite article. The lecture was really deep and meaningful, as well as really informative. I didn't not watch his movie until last Monday night, and the effects that the meals have had on him were really evident.

One thing that shocked me, was the the psychological effects that McDonalds had on him. He discussed during his lecture that the McDonalds food almost had the same exact effect on him as alcoholism would have. How sad is that? Not to mention, the depression that followed.

Another idea that did not come as a surprise, but was still engaging, was the physical damage that was placed up Morgan Spurlock. The fact that he gained 34.5 lbs in 30 days is just unheard of, or at least was. I grabbed a quote from his lecture, when he said "The people of McDonalds say (mockingly) 'that movie is unrealistic.' NO! This movie is SO realistic; that's what's scary, that's what's frightening!"

I couldn't agree more. I think that movie could really open up eyes to what is going on in the fast food corporations, and big business has a lot to do with it. I actually had the courage to ask him an open-ended question (which I'm still proud of), about how much of an effect does big business have on the country's obesity. He said "We're giving corporations all of the freedom without any of the accountability." From then on, everything he said to me was right.

Before I end up ending my entire day talking about the lecture and my article, I will stop now. But let me say, for those that might have missed it, they really missed out on an amusing way of educating a society.

Posted by The Gentle Giant at October 10, 2005 12:52 PM

I agree, this article was also my favorite of the ones that I have written this semester. For me, the lecture was more meaningful than the documentary. Sitting there and actually listening to what Spurlock had to say was pretty shocking; hearing all of the "coincidences" that occurred as a result of the film. I hope that in the future Seton Hill will have more lectures like this one because I think that alot of students had a night that was both fun and educational.

Posted by: AshleeLupchinsky at October 10, 2005 05:50 PM

I also agree that I really enjoyed writing this article. I wish it could have been a little bit longer so I could have gone more in depth on the schools lecture series in general but I was pleased with what I got into my 400 word article on the Morgan Spurlock lecture. This is such a great experience for us when it comes to journalism because we had to do research and then attend the lecture. During the lecture it was so hard to pay attention to things I wanted to write down because I was laughing so hard. What I really enjoyed was waiting at the end of the book signing line with some others for 30-45 minutes to talk to Morgan who is very approachable (as well as it was enjoyable watching him sign a hamburger for Dr. Jerz). We were the last people in the room where he was giving autographs and we were able to ask him questions. This really helped my article because I got a personal experience story from Morgan that I put into my paper. So far this does have to rank as number one on my list as well, though now I am looking forward to the editorial.

Posted by: Ashley Welker at October 11, 2005 02:51 PM

I am so glad to hear that I was not the only one who got a great story out of this. I really think that this exercise was good for the class, and I am so happy to see that a few others feel the same exact way that I do. Thanks everybody!

Posted by: Jason Pugh at October 12, 2005 09:44 AM
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