October 10, 2005

(Said) AP Guide (Said) to Newswriting (Said) CH 5 - 7 (Said)

These chapters mainly bring up one piece of evidence. Said is NEVER bad! Which is really awkward, because in stories or narratives (which I know we're not writing lol), words like admitted, and claimed, and screamed are all good! In newswriting, a truly complex form of writing, said does it all. How mind boggling is that? Once in a while you can use emphatic words, but said usually takes care of everything. Why? I didn't know until I thought about it more. Said is the only word that is always right in a newsstory. The only way it is not right is if the person did say a particular line. Said shows no moods, no tones, and no points of view. The quote shows the point of view, and the reader can take from that what they will. So boys and girls, when writing our articles, do we say pointed out? No. Do we say claimed? NO. Do we say admitted? NO. What do we say? SAID! Exactly.

Posted by The Gentle Giant at October 10, 2005 01:17 PM

When I first began news writing, specifically in this class and for the paper I was very worried about my personal use of the word said. I thought I was over using it so I began substituting it with other words that seemed expressive like, "explained,exclaimed,declared,stated,according to...etc". PS this was where my cart jumped right off the news writing track and crashed far down at the bottom of a canyon. Cut to me reading the comments from Jerz on my first story (the peer profile) and learning that saying SAID is OK! You can write Said Pugh, or Pugh said, two slightly different but highly accepted ways of writing someone's quotes. I am now elated that I don't have to think of all those substitute filler words. I can rely on good old said. Prior to reading this section of the AP guide to news writing I didn't know there were negative conotations associated with 'pointed out, declared, and the word proved.' Now I know and I'm rarin' to say SAID INSTEAD!! (I rhymed)

Posted by: Leslie Rodriguez at October 10, 2005 11:49 PM

Haha. Good point Leslie. Most would think that using such words as declared and stated would be acceptable, but really, said does the job. The use of said in journalism, though repetative, is the SAFEST word to use without any bad feedback from the editor, the party who said something, or the audience. I thought after a while that we didn't use anything else but said because it was wordy (which it is). But after reading these chapters, I have now found out that those words can get you in some serious doo doo. Yes Dr. Jerz, I said doo doo. lol

Posted by: Jason Pugh at October 11, 2005 12:44 AM
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