April 4, 2007

Blog Portfolio - Second Edition

http://blogs.setonhill.edu/JasonPugh/019877.htmlPortfolio II -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

This portfolio is the second of three, and I must say that I have truly gained in this course. Some may disagree, but learning about different critical theories have not only stretched my mind, but they have stretched my will and ability as well. I feel like I am facing difficult challenges with greater ambition, and as a whole, I feel like I am well on my way to continue learning.

I have really found an appreciation for the difficulty, and the amount of work that these portfolio take. I have learned, not only about my opinions, but about my type of critical thinking, and how others can either relate or differentiate themselves from my thoughts. These portfolios take a lot of time, but that gives me a lot of time to reflect on my own work, and others. I think that a lot of hard work goes into these, and for those who have made it this far, congratulations.

So far, I must say that my favorite criticism is definitely the mimetic criticism, although Karissa and I are having a blast with our term project on formalism and poststructuralism (to see more, read my wildcard). I think that looking at literature in a realistic sense has always been my strength in interpreting literature. I must say that I am also enjoying intertextual criticism, although I do find some flaws in that argument.

Without further a due, here is the giant compilation of the Second Weblog Portfolio. I hope that you enjoy it, and that you may gain from it. Note: all of the entries but two (Blade Runner and The Uncanny) are covered under coverage and timeliness (C & T).


Everyman (C, T, Depth)
Mimetic Criticism: The Mixed Bag of Literary Goodies (C, T, Depth, Interaction, Discussion)
Characterization as a Mode of Mimeses (C, T, Interaction)
Murfin and Ray: Realism (C & T)
Donovan: A Better Feminist Essay (C & T)
Talking Pictures: Brann and "The Ode" (C, T, Interaction)
Gilbert and Gubar and The Imprisonment of Women (C & T)
Murfin and Ray: Intertextuality (C & T)
Conventions and Relations: Keesey Number 5 (C & T)
Intertextual and Social Criticism: A Frye Perspective (C, T, Depth)
Would You Like Frye with That? Frye and The Tempest (C & T)
Sherlock Holmes and Benito Cereno (C & T)
Commentary and Structure: Nobokov's Pale Fire (C, T, Depth, Interaction)
Structuralism and Literature: A Presentation on Jonathan Culler (C, T, Depth, Interaction, Discussion)
Murfin and the Real...umm...I Mean Ray (C & T)
The Uncanny and Eyes (Coverage)
Come on Roy!!! Are you Serious!?! (Coverage and Interaction)
Murfin and Ray: Antinovel (C & T)
Keesey Chapter 6 Intro (C, T, Interaction, Discussion)
Origin and Freeplay: Jacques Derrida (C & T)
Wright is Not Necessarily Right (C, T, Depth, Interaction)
Postmortem for a Postmodernist: No Answers Solved (C & T)


I decided to write on Diana Geleskie's Blog Carnival on Fan Fiction and Literary Criticism. Here is the entry to this Blog Carnival:

Fan Fiction: A Diana Geleskie Carnival Event


My Top Ten Comments for the EL312 Class ARE:

Lorin Schumacher's "Let's Work Together"
Denamarie Ercolani's "The Critical Path Presentation"
Kevin Hinton's "Outside Of The Norm"
Gina Burgese's "Meanings"
Karissa Kilgore's "EL312: Brann is such an unfortunate last name (thank goodness her first name isn't "raisin")"
Erin Waite's "Blade Runner: Peek-a-boo, Eyes Can See You"
Tiffany Brattina's "Attack of the EYES!"
Kevin McGinnis's "Gilbert and Sullivan....wait, no, Gilbert and Gubar"
David Moio's "Look Left, Look Right, Okay, Get It?"
Vanessa Kolberg's "Mortem for a Modernist"


I decided to give mad props to Karissa Kilgore (a.k.a. The Kiz), because her and I are completely dominating this Term Project. Here is my Wildcard Entry on the EL312 Term Project:

EL312 Term Project: Me and the Kiz

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