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Tomorrow is alpha release day in my Writing for the Internet class.  While I am starting to see the game come together, the programming is very slow.

The game will take place in a single room, and it takes twenty turns for the bomb to explode.  There are really only four relevant sections of action, which is what I have created now.  I think that it makes things fairly clear for alpha testing.

The finished version of the game is going to play on the player's desire to inspect every object.  There will be certain "dummy" objects that exist for the sole purpose of making the player waste a turn.  In that way, I will make a simple game very complex and intense.

I ran into two problems.  The first was that I have some very key objects in containers, but in the  room description these object stand out as clear as day.  This kind of ruins the enigmatic part of my puzzles. I think that I can figure it out tomorrow, I was just tired after spending a lot of time making my desk drawer an openable container, and more than a little frustrated with Infom 7.

My other problem involves my little friend the robot. One of the problems is just like the leaf scenario that was done in class.  I do not want the robot to act without the battery pack in it.  That is an easy thing to solve.and I just needed access to my e-mail.  The other thing that I want the robot to do is to act based on some input that the player enters in.  If you enter in the wrong thing, the game is over; KABOOM!  If you enter in the right command, the robot disarms the bomb and everyone is happy.  That is the most complex idea that I have for my game and I will need a bit of help to make this good.  If everything else fails, I want this part of my game to succeed.

That is the slow progress that my project has undergone over the weekend.


You can make objects "scenery" in order to hide them, but then you can't take them. (We can hack this, if necessary.)

The cheese is scenery in the observation deck.

Instead of taking the cheese:
now the cheese is not scenery;
now the cheese is portable;
continue the action.

If that doesn't help, give me a printout and mark it up to show me how you want to change the default behavior, and I'll see what I can do.

Jed Fetterman said:

Thanks Dr. Jerz. That sounds like what I want to do. I just don't want it to say that in the room "there is a box (in which is a box (in which is a box))." It ruins the mystery of the game.

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