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This is my third portfolio for my Writing for the Internet Class.  I think that this has been the most interesting period for this class so far.  Only a week ago, I was worried that I would not have enough blogs to make a good portfolio.  That was before I wrote three blogs in a day last Thursday-Friday.

Looking back, that is how this semester of the semester has gone.  I look back on what I have done this section of the course and I realize how concentrated it has been.  I remember days that I would spend two or three hours playing interactive fiction, and then weeks where I would almost forget I was taking the class.  I learned how to put together quality work on very short notice, like the usability test that I conducted Friday night after learning of the assignment.  I do not have the assignment on the web, but here are the ones that I do have.


  • Krug Ends - This one quotes his final chapter to discuss the thesis of the book.
  • Intro to IF - I discuss my experiences with IF before the class delved into the subject heavily.
  • What Rules? - I take a hard look at what keeps things running smoothly according to Wikipedia.

As always, there is a link to the course website for your convenience, though I have started intertwining it with the body of the entries better.


I have waited for this section to come up for a long time.  I have had the pleasure of posting most of my entries at least 24 if not 48 hours before the due-date.  Here are just a few.

  • Tabs are art - Find out why, in this early blog.
  • End of Fun? - Another blog that Krug inspired me to write early.
  • Not Really - This was the actual end of Krug, and ahead of the curve as well.
  • The Wikipedia Blogs - Three of them in all.  All written three days before the due date.


This was another area of concentration.  Some entries would gain a large response while others would be seemingly unnoticed.

  • Angry Wikipedian - Just kidding! I received some interesting, unexpected comments on this one.
  • Missing Krug - People had a lot to say about his departure, myself included.
  • Editing History - It causes people to start talking pretty quickly.
  • Disabled Use - I kind of sat back and let the entry work its magic on its own.



I probably could have been better in this area of my blogging.  I was so busy that I would just write stuff to get it done.  That being said, here is some of the best commenting that I did.

Even though my work was more sporadic this time, I was more pleased with the quality tenfold over last time.  Of course, it does not matter what I think, so keep commenting.


Daniella Choynowski said:

I also noted that this portfolio contained the most interesting set of readings thus far. Don't worry about ever having enough blogs-there's ample opportunity. I wrote 10 blogs over the course of two days this weekend. That was a disgusting amount of writing, and me being the chronic perfectionist, I had to include a ton of good quotes.

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