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It felt like I was in 1984 when editing the two Wikipedia pages.  I could destroy entire sections of history without even a passing thought.

Perhaps, because that idea made me so uncomfortable, that is why I only chose to add two sentences on my two edited pages.  I also did not remove anything or mess around with the formatting.  I am just not comfortable making myself sound like an expert or even an amature-expert, especially not for the entire world.

I just got the feeling that someone who was incredibly self-righteous would ram something down my throat, and make me look like a fool.  In the two days since the editions, though, no one has appear to touch what I wrote, and the Seton Hill page has been edited three or four times since.

I have been able to do everything this class has asked me to, up to this point.  I am not comfortable saying, "This is fact, and this is not."  That is probably why I am an English major and a philosophy minor; there are no facts in either of those fields.  Part of it is guilt on my part, too.  I felt like I should have done a lot more research on the two subjects than I did in one morning.

With all of that being said, I did create a user account for myself for unknown reasons.  If you ever see Griffdude pop up somewhere, which I highly doubt you will, stop by and start a discussion with me.


Christina Celona said:

I created an account for myself as well. I don't know why. It just felt right.

I woke up this morning determined not to make any huge changes to my two articles. Boy was I wrong. I wound up completely rewriting sections, and it felt great! I guess I've got an internal editor.

I think our class is responsible for all the changes to the Seton Hill article. I didn't touch it, but I read at least one other blog that mentioned editing it.

Jed Fetterman said:

Thanks for commenting so fast Christina, this entry has been up for less than two hours.

I created my account because I thought I would be editing a lot of these articles. I realized though, that I did not want to tell people that they were wrong, so I doubt Griffdude will appear to much...? Who knows?

Christina Celona said:

I highly doubt I'll be making any more major edits, as fun as this was. Like I said in my blog, if I want to write for two hours, I'll do it for something I'll actually get graded on or paid for.

Jed Fetterman said:

At least something that will get you some respect, not something that no one will know you ever did. And even if they know what you did, who's to say that it will even be there in a day or two. Wikipedia editing is a lot of risk and not much reward for me.

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