The Sausage Factory

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For some reason, I love the metaphor comparing getting a behind-the-scenes view to the kids who get a field trip to the sausage factory.  So, the experience of looking at all the different pages of a Wikipedia article was like the trip to the sausage factory.

Anyway, I was unsure where to start, so I clicked on the random article link.  The page that came up was for pitcher Mark Mulder.  The first thing that I noticed on the editing page was the heading that looked like Movable Type (what this blog is written on) while the body looked like hypertext which we coded from scratch.  At the bottom of the body, however, it looks like you just type text normally.  I do not know how to create the heading, but the rest of it seems pretty self-explanatory.

I then entered the discussion page, which I expected to look like the comments at the bottom of blogs.  Instead, there were a bunch of different groups giving the article a bunch of different ratings that I really did not understand.  My guess would be that they are saying this article needs quite a bit of improvement since most of the ratings were "start-class."  The history page did look like what I expected: all of the editions with the date, time, and user who changed it.

The final part of this assignment was to compare the pages of Seton Hill University and Saint Vincent College.  Seton Hill's page lacks a lot of history; basically it says the the school was founded in 1883, men became more prominent in the '80s, and then it became a University (but does not specify when).  There is a lot of empty space in the University's past there.  However, the page explains the programs like the Masters in Popular Fiction, the Holocaust Center, and E-Magnify.  Saint Vincent's page also lacks 150 years in history; apparently nothing happened between 1846 and 1983.  The page chooses to focus on the traditions of the college like Founders' Day.  There are also more notable alumni on this page than Seton Hill's.  I would have to say that I am disappointed in the overall lack of useful information on either page. 

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