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Okay, the last week has been a little crazy so I have not been blogging as much as I should be.  To make up for that, I will drop a line over break to let all of my fans know how I am doing (if there are fans out there).

But there has not been that much to blog about lately.  The robot works just fine now, all three to four steps to get it working that is.  There is now an alternate ending involving the wires; I know it is cliche, but it felt as if there were a disproportionate number of "bad" endings.  I spruced up some of the descriptions - one of the bomb explosions was just "KABOOM!"  That was a little boring, so there is now a little pun inside that ending.  My final addition today was a final, alternate ending.  I really hope that one of my testers makes the mistake of choosing this because it comes out of nowhere.  It is quite the surprise!

After seeing all the work that I have put into this, I do not know whether to be in awe or contempt of the people who write IF games with 40 different endings.  On the one hand, it takes a lot of skill and intelligence to program something like that.  On the other, who does not have enough of a life that they have an extra three or four hours a day to write alternate endings?  Given I have a single room, but I am running out of things to put in the room, and ways to describe those things.  Hence the reason why my one ending does not even make sense.  So, what I am basically saying is, if you know anything that needs to be in the lobby of an apartment building besides a desk, table, chair, carpet, robot, and bomb, let me know.  I just need some fresh new ideas.

And drop by some of these, too, for some fresh new ideas yourself.


David Wilbanks said:

Hmmmm.....mail boxes? An unconcious hobo? A fake plastic tree? A fire extinguisher? A fountain?, I give up.

It sounds like the game's coming together pretty well. I'd like to see the finished product.

You could search Flickr or YouTube for "apartment lobby" and see what items show up in the photos.

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