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November 15, 2005

"Blogs make the world a happy place": Informal Presentation

Chapter 4 Presentation: "Newsmakers Turn the Tables" in We the Media

Reeve's Library Seton Hill University
Seton Hill University Admissions

Here is a chance for your voice to be heard. Both the Admissions Department and Library have blogs. What topic would you like to see discussed? Do you have any suggestions to offer?
What do you want to see on the Admissions blog?

GM- General Motors
Ford Motor Company
The New York Times

Star Bucks/ Radio Shack/ Nike
Pepsi/ Toys R Us/ FedEx
Time Warner/ Google/ Avon

All the companies listed above are Fortune 500 companies. Have you ever in your life thought of something that could make one of these companies better? If you could offer a suggestion to one of these companies what would it be?

"Newsmakers of all kinds-corporate, political, and, I'd argue, journalistic- need to listen harder, and in new ways, to constituents of all kinds, whether voters, customers, or the general public." -68
How can corporations listen harder?
What can we do to have our voice heard?


"The least interesting feature of a corporate site, with few exceptions, is the typical 'Letter from the Chief Executive,' a content-free missive that does nothing to reveal the character of teh company or its leader."-71

Ford Mission Statement

Ford Blog

Admissions Blog

Which one is more personal and relatable?
"Blogging provides a unique means of providing your audience with the human face of your organization. Your customers can read the actual thoughts and opinions of your staff." -71

What does this have to do with me?
In We the Media it stresses the point that consumers now have the capability to make and find news, rather than relying on Big Mass Media. By commenting on corporate weblogs, we the consumers posses the ability to have our voice heard. We can use blogs to learn more about the individuals that compose a company, rather than just read promises and statistics created by an advertising department.

Celebrity Blogs
When a company has a blog, you learn more about the people who run and work for the company. In a celebrity blog, you can learn a little more about the real person, rather than the person created by the media.
Wil Wheaton
Ben Roethlisberger
No Doubt
Michael Moore
More Celebrity Blogs

While reading this chapter I had some difficulty relating to it. I think this chapter would be more beneficial to actual corporations. I do think it provided insight into how the general public can have a voice. In the middle of the chapter there is a list of guidelines for making corporate blogs, but I think these same guidelines could also be helpful to anyone who has a personal blog.
* "Tell the Truth." As we have discussed many times in class, the writer is responsible for anything they put on a blog.
* "Have a thick skin." Most of us have probably received comments form peers with differing views, but it is important to respond to negative and positive comments. Do not be offended, instead provide links to examples.
* "People trust stories that have quotes from many sources."

Posted by JennaOBrocto at November 15, 2005 6:14 PM


Great presentation, Jenna. I am so impressed with the admissions' blog you maintain. It is so well written. Did you create it?

I also liked the examples of corporate and celebrity blogs that you provided. But most of all, I like the comment you made concerning our blog comments. I'm paraphasing, but you emphasized that we need to accept the fact that we're not always going to agree and move on.

Posted by: NancyGregg at November 16, 2005 1:54 PM

Jenna, I blogged about how much I enjoyed your presentation. I found it to be very engaging and well put together. Great research as well.

Posted by: Leslie Rodriguez at November 16, 2005 7:02 PM

Thank you Leslie and Nancy. I did a great deal of research (Internet surfing) in an attempt to find examples of corporate and celebrity blogs, and it makes it worth my time to know people are looking at them.
Nancy, as for the Admissions Blog, I did not create it. I am the first student to maintain it, because in the past the people who work in the Admissions Department did it.
Leslie, I thought it was interesting on your blog how you discussed me using the term "adults." I didn't really think much about it, but you are right. We are all considered adults, but at 21 I do not think of myself as an adult. That's really weird. Anyways I guess I was trying to stress the point that I am a student vs. an employee, so in turn other students may relate better to a student blog rather than an employee blog. I think you made a really good point.

Posted by: Jenna O'Brocto at November 16, 2005 10:00 PM

Yeah, great job, Jenna. I found it very interesting. I mean, I think we all know how much I love blogs. Some of my best friends are blogs. But it does beg the obvious question... Wil Wheaton is a celebrity?

Posted by: Michael Dell at November 17, 2005 12:22 PM

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