December 04, 2003

Remembering 'Nutcracker' Ballets Past

I posted this because I absolutely LOVE the Nutcracker. I was in the Pittsburgh Youth Ballet for four years and I was in the Nutcracker for two. The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre now has a new production of The Nutcracker, with a Pittsburgh twist.

From the NYTimes:
The Christmas tree in the first New York City Ballet production of "The Nutcracker" threatened to catch fire at any moment from the sparking, smoking bulbs that simulated candles. The production cost twice as much as its allocated budget of $40,000. The costumes were still being sewn three hours before opening night.

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Posted by JenniferCilia at December 4, 2003 09:59 AM

Jennifer, I love 'The Nutcracker' too! We took my Mom several years ago and during one of the scenes a very young boy in the cast was pulling a wooden toy animal around amid the dancing when a wheel fell off the toy. The animal tipped over and the wheel rolled slowly all the way across the stage. At that point the boy didn't know what to do and tried to pull the now broken toy anyway but it got stuck on the floorboards. Then he just froze and looked like he was going to cry. The lead male saved the day by dancing over to the boy, scooping him and the toy up and making a grand exit. I have never seen my Mom laugh so hard and we still laugh about it to this day.

Posted by: rosemary at December 4, 2003 03:52 PM

Aww!That's so cute! it made me want to cry! (no, just kidding!) My dad's friend from college's daughter is a dancer, and she's been in the Nutcracker for the last two years. Last year, she was so excited because she was going to play one of the boys in the cast(plus she was a soldier). She wore a wig and overalls. She was so cute as a boy. I wondered if her two older brothers (ages 16 and 20) had been wondering if she was a boy when she was born...

Posted by: Jen at December 5, 2003 09:28 AM
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