January 13, 2004

Umm... I'm back!

After a long hiatus, I've taken the opportunity to decide whether or not I should keep this *FREE TO ME* weblog. I have decided that I am going to until I'm told I can't have it anymore because it's costing my school money (at least I think it is) and vent on things that I should be venting about. Like how much work I have to do this semester. I am a little upset that my senior portfolio is due in five weeks. FIVE WEEKS. Plus I have so much other things to do (writing, black and white photography, more writing, reading British literature, etc) along with finishing my portfolio to turn in. PLUS I am on Dr. Phil's Ultimat Weight Loss diet thing, and I'm trying to remember not to eat certain foods. AGH!!!

What else is a girl to do when she has already too much stress?

Posted by JenniferCilia at January 13, 2004 08:11 PM
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