September 26, 2003

Squirrel Bitch!

Okay, i just wanted to blog this: When Tina Kopnitsky and I went walking this morning, we got bitched at by a squirrel. Yeah, it was pretty funny. It ran up a trunk of a tree and then I tried to look for it but couldn't see it and Tina stopped and told me to look right in the middle, and I said, all right, and I saw it and pointed at it, and then it started squeaking at us!Our new saying now is "Squirell Bitch!" :)

no relevance to news, although I just found a few sites about squirrels:

The Scholarly Squirrel
Squirrel Net
The Squirrel Den

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September 24, 2003

A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

I'm posting this blog to promote a fabulous author. A Perfect Day is Richard Paul Evans' new book, which comes out this Monday. He is an award winning author who writes from the heart. His first book ever, The Christmas Box, is a #1 bestseller, of which he didn't really intend it to be, because he wrote it for his family. You can finish reading about this fabulous author here.
Though, I'm here to promote his new book, A Perfect Day.

Read on! Evans is a fabulous author and I HIGHLY recommend him!

(I haven't read the book yet, so I can't give my own synopsis, so this excerpt is taken from Evans' website,

"Robert Harlan has three loves in his life: his wife, Allyson, his daughter, Carson, and his writing. As a sales rep for a small radio station, he has hopes of one day leaving it all behind for a successful writing career.

When he is unexpectedly laid off from his job, Allyson encourages him to pursue his dream of writing. He writes a novel entitled "A Perfect Day", based on the last few months Allyson and her father spent together as he died of cancer.

The story becomes a huge success and Robert finds himself swept into a new world far from his wife and home. In time Robert loses track of the things he loves most until he meets a stranger who begins telling him intimate details about his past, his present and, most important, the brevity of his future. Thinking that he has just weeks to live, Robert begins to discover the truth about himself; who he has become, what he has lost and what it will take to find love again."


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Liz Claiborne Chief Hopes for a Hit With a European Import

Paul Charron, the CEO of Liz Claiborne, is opening up a "Mexx" clothing store on Fifth Ave in Manhattan, "The Dutch chain's first outlet in the United States."

The king of acquisitions is at it again.

Liz Claiborne Chief Hopes for a Hit With a European Import

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September 23, 2003


In response to Amanda Cochran's link to Robot children in Japan, I think that it's entirely impossible to replace hospital nurses who come to patient's homes to take care of them. I understand that the robots are great to have as an alert for something that would go wrong in the house, but one of the statements in the article says, "A new robot will now make life better for the elderly people in Japan who have no one to look after." Why would the elderly have to look after someone (like a robotic child) since they are getting older and they need someone to look after them?

This is making me mad. I personally think this was a poorly written article, with fascinating facts on what this robot can do.

And the project chief stated, "Looking at the ageing of society and the falling birth rate we decided that this could work as a business. We want to offer it as a product that helps society." Helping society by building robots as children? This sounds as if it came right out of a movie! It's HORRIBLE!

All I have to say is that I might have something to say about this in class tomorrow.

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Homework for last Friday, Septemeber 19

Pages 161-162 #1-4

1. Who: United Jewish Appeal
What: Sponsoring a Walk-a-Thon
Where: in Springfield
When: this morning
Why: to raise money for the Soup Kitchen a place where the hungry can go eat for free
How? by sponsoring a walk-a-thon

2. b because :
Who: The nation's funeral home directors; What: required to offer detailed cost- statements; When: today; Why: a service they say they are now ready to provide despite nearly a dozen years of debate over the idea.

3. c. A new disclosure law going into effect today will make it easier for you to determine the cost of a funeral

4. Department of Energy officials said yesterday they detonated a nuclear weapon with a yield equivalent to 150,000 tons of TNT on Tuesday. The bomb was detonated 40 miles from a meeting of pacifists and 2,000 feet beneath the surface of Pahute Mesa in the Nevada desert, to test the weapon. 450 physicians and peace activists were gathered to protest continued nuclear testing in the U.S.

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September 20, 2003

Bank Robber loses appeal

Bank Robber gets same sentence: 46 years in prison

Bank robber Charles Stubbs ended up yesterday right where he started: staring at 46 years in federal prison.

Bank Robber Gets Same Sentence

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September 19, 2003


How come that Isabel didn't hit us hard? The meteorologists said that we were going to get rain all weekend. Than again, it's only Friday. I was watching the news tonight and they said we were going to get a lot more rain this weekend. I hope we do. I'm feeling like Eeyore, so glum. Maybe it's because i'm sick. I'll blog later. I'm going to find something else to share on the blog.

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Hey all, just wanted to see if this works. Dr. Jerz and I and some other students have been having problems with their sites, so we've been trying to fix it. If it works, it works!!! yay!!!

oh yeah, if you all want to check out my Seton Hill Portfolio (which i havent' updated all summer... don't worry, it'll get finished by whenever it's due next semester in Senior Seminar!) it's here:

Thanks again for checkin out my portfolio!

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