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Portfolio 3

Portfolio 3 -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

In my last portfolio, I mentioned that I had noticed some growth...that I had more entries that went in depth than I had in my first portfolio. I noticed this once again. At first glance, I have more entries that went in depth in the last portfolio than I do in this one, but there were also many more entries taken into consideration in the last one. I also noticed when going through the entries in this portfolio that, for the first time, I included a link to an outside source--namely a peer's blog entry. Ironically enough, it is this entry that I believe is the best one from this time. So, without further ado, I present my final portfolio.

Coverage: (all of the blog entries I have posted)
~King Lear Acts I & II
~King Lear Acts III, IV, & V
~"Shakespeare and the End of Feudalism: King Lear as Fin-De-Siecle text"
~"Shakespeare's King Lear"
~Ender's Game Chapters 1-6
~Ender's Game Finish

Depth (all of the blogs that I went into a deeper discussion)
~Irony At Its Finest
~True Lies
~These Characters Are How Old?

Interaction (some of the more useful comments I left on peers' blogs)
~Chera Pupi's Stormy Weather
~Mackenzie Harbison's I'd Be Screaming
~Chera Pupi's Poor Ender
~Mathew Henderson's Human Buggers
~Jenna Miller's You Need People
~Mackenzie Harbison's Learning to Suffer
~Mathew Henderson's Smart people are vulnerable, too!

Discussions (entries that caused peer discussions)
~True Lies
~These Characters Are How Old?

Timeliness (all of the entries I submitted on time; the entries that I gained good discussions are marked with *):
~Irony At Its Finest
~I Never Would Have Guessed
~True Lies*

Xenoblogging (some blog entries in which I was the first to comment: the comments that were more helpful):
~Chera Pupi's Stormy Weather
~Mackenzie Harbinson's I'd Be Screaming
~Mackenzie Harbison's Learning to Suffer

Wildcard (the blog entry that I feel is the best one):
~These Characters Are How Old?
I chose this entry, because I think it is the entry that goes the most in depth witout relying heavily on plot summary.


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