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Caged Bird

'Even if I got away (and how?) he [Rochester] would force me back. So would Richard. So would everybody else. Running away from him, from this island, is the lie. What reason could I give for going and who would believe me?'
~Antoinette in Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, page 113.

In class on Tues, we discussed how the fire in part one of this book was a type of foreshadowing for the fire we knew would come in the end. Along with this, the point was brought up that the bird's death was foreshadowing as well. I think this line from part two best sums up how Antoinette is similar to the bird. She feels like she is trapped. She really has no way out. If she would make an attempt at freedom, everyone would force her back. It seems she starts the fire and jumps at the end not only because of the dream, but also because it is a way to freedom...the only way she can leave without fear of anyone bringing her back. This feeling of being trapped may have been yet another reason she went crazy. Then again, it could also just be a side effect of her mental deterioration.


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Let us think back to Antoinette's time in the covent, where she prayed for death. Te nuns had described the afterlife as a place of eternal bliss. So many had been taken from her (her mother, her brother, her father)in her life. Death, for Antoinette, I believe was a release and relief from life, for once these people were gone, her life took a dramatic turn for the worse. Maybe she was not(all that)crazy: perhaps Antoinette just wanted to be happy once again,reunited with her family. Death was the only way to break free, for no one could force her back from it.

Kevin "Kelo The Great" Hinton:

If no other part of the book reminded me of the Yellow Wallpaper" it is this part. The inability to move causes people to go insane especially in literature. I think that Antonette would have gone crazy a lot slower if she wasn't locked up.

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