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Portfolio 1

This is my first blogging portfolio for Writing About Literature, but my fourth overall. This was, however, my first experience with a blogging carnival.

This will cover all of the blog entries I have completed for this class thus far. I've found that while I still have some random entries, I'm choosing more and more topics that are more directly about the readings.

Coverage (all of my agenda items for this class)
~The Professor and the Madman
~Writing About Literature (5 & 6)
~Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
~Writing About Literature (7)
~Jane Eyre (1-16)
~Jane Eyre (17-23)

Depth (some of my entries that go more in-depth)
~Methodical Madness
~"To be or not to be..."
~Different Outlooks

Blog Carnival Entry
~Which is which?

Interaction (entries that interact with peers' entries)

Discussions (entries that started a conversation)
~Methodical Madness
~To be or not to be...

Timeliness (entries that were posted early enough to gain a good conversation--any that were posted early, but didn't gain a good discussion will be marked with *)
~Methodical Madness
~To be or not to be...

~Wait... Who am I?*

Xenoblogging (peers' entries in which I was the first to comment)
~Daniella's entries
>Boooooooooo, I'm a ghost.....and I may or may not be lying
>Purposely Clueless
~Diana's entries
>Idea Searching...
>Our Daily Bread
>The Way Things Are
>Claudius, King of the Backbone? Not So Much
~Kevin's entries
>Must Keep In Good Health

Wild Card (the entry I think is my best)
~Which is which?
I chose this entry as my wild card entry, because I think I went into more detail with this entry than in any other. While some of the links I have in this entry are not fully useful, some of them are more useful than any of the others I've included in entries.


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I like the blog carnivals, I think that they really let you put the perspective of what you are studying into what interests you (one of the reasons I chose to host, so that I could choose the subject matter!) I don't know if you got to see the cover entry or not, but it's http://blogs.setonhill.edu/DianaGeleskie/021773.html, just in case you wanted to see it.

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