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I chose to do my reflection on Kevin’s entry, “The Sick Genius Known as Hamlet.” The idea that each of the characters’ understandings of Hamlet’s madness is dependent upon their own personal concerns is interesting. That is something I never thought about while I was reading the play, but it makes sense. Their own concerns may be subconscious. Their own way of acknowledging it is through Hamlet’s madness.

As for the question Kevin posed at the end—“Do you think that Hamlet would have avenged his father if he would have killed Claudius immediately?—I think that, yes, he would have—as I answered in my comment. Whether Hamlet killed him as soon as he found the truth or had waited twenty years to do so, it would not have made a difference. Revenge is revenge. I do have to agree with Diana, though. I don’t think Hamlet would have been capable of committing murder early in the play. It’s possible that any madness he did possess came from this realization of what he felt he had to do. If he remained ‘sane,’ he would not be capable of avenging his father. Only by becoming ‘insane’ could he accomplish this. It’s just a thought.


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