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It's a Page Turner

Though it can be annoying having to flip through the pages of the newspaper just to finish an article that starts on page one, I think it is actually a smart idea to set the paper up that way. I'll admit that I don't read the newspaper usually. I would simply read the bare minimum if I had to read it for any reason and leave it at that. Because I had to turn the pages to read the end of each front page article, I found myself interested in some of the other articles later in the paper. I agree that new media journalism definitely has many advantages, but I think this is one advantage that newspapers have over new media journalism. A person may read more news than originally intended if the opening of a front page article is interesting enough. With this particular issue of the paper, for example, right next to the end of the "CIA target of torture probe" article was a relating article called "New group to handle high-profile subjects" on the "Bush-era interrogation policies."

What do you think: is this technique good or bad?

Other thoughts on the Tuesday August 25, 2009 issue of the Tribune Review

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Jeanine O'Neal:

I actually wrote a very similar entry to yours, that the front page leads you into the interior. However, I do not like the fact that you have to turn the pages to find the rest of the story. It breaks up the flow of the story too much, and I lose interest quickly if I can't find the rest of it. Sometimes the word you are supposed to look for to find the next section is so vague that it's almost like a hunt for the Holy Grail or something. But, obviously, this method works because it does get people into the interior of the paper.

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