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WTAE News at 6

I chose to watch the WTAE News at 6. During this 30 minute broadcast, only about 16 minutes were spent on actual news. The rest of the time was filled with previews of upcoming stories, commercials, weather, and (for a few short instances) joking around between the newscasters. Also, the news started at about 5:59 and ended at about 6:25. The last five minutes were filled with a viewpoint commentary, UPMC short infomercial, and other commercials.

Of the actual news, only one news story was specifically created by the WTAE news team--a story on a group of kids found hitchhiking, who said they ran away from their foster home, tired of the abuse. This was the only story the newscasters specified as being "only on 4." One other story, a story on old houses crumbling in a neighborhood in North Braddock, was advertised as new at 6, but it wasn't specified as being a WTAE exclusive.

As for a comparison between the WTAE job description and the characteristics of a "journalist" from The News Manual, they are both similar in the sense that the journalist or reporter would need to be motivated to go out and find stories and be creative in the presentation of the stories--within reason.

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