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Accident Report

Package stolen after EMC student was hit by car

Sharon Pierce, a 4th year undergraduate student, was hit by a 2004 Ford Taurus on the Elizabeth Mount College (EMC) campus at 8:25 a.m. on Sept. 14. She was exiting Collins Hall, her residence hall, and crossed the street north of the crosswalk when the car hit her.

The driver, Carl Klaushammer, was a courier from Cairo Transport. He retrieved a package from the EMC chemistry department, got back into his car, and hit her as he was turning on the east entrance of the Alumni Hall Gallery. According to the report given by Robert Chase, the Chief of EMC Security, the package was taken from the backseat of his car when Klaushammer got out of his car to check on Pierce.

One of the officers noticed a man running south on College Drive. According to Chase, this man wore an EMC hoodie, was about 6 feet tall, and weighed about 200 pounds. "The suspect did not comply with verbal orders to stop," Chase said. "A foot pursuit followed, which involved this officer and also officer Claire Catcher, and the suspect turned east on Backwater Avenue and disappeared into the wooded lot south of the chemistry parking lot."

According to a professor from the chemistry department, the materials within the package were promised to the Pennsylvania State Museum of Antiquities.

An ambulance was called after the accident. Pierce declined transport and was treated on site.

According to Chase, no charges have been pressed at this time.

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Jeanine O'Neal:

Be careful when you paraphrase the facts. I noticed a couple times you wrote exactly what Chase (Dr. Jerz) said without quoting him. Other than that, this is well written. It reads professionally.

Jennifer Prex:

Thank you for pointing that out. If I need to use a recording again, I'll make sure to listen to it will rereading over the draft to make sure I don't do that again.

Jennifer Prex:

I've reworked it to fix those mistakes. Once again, thank you for pointing that out, Jeanine!

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