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Battle of the Bus Plunges

I chose to compare 20 die in Nepal bus plunge: police and 8 injured as bus plunges into canal. The first thing I noticed about these two articles is that neither one took place in the United States. One took place in Nepal and the other in Hathazari upazila. Both started with the highest casualty figures. The author of the first article--where people died--had more to say than the author of the second, when people were injured, but not killed. I wonder if this is just a coincidence or if it's a general standard.

Other Comparisons Between Bus Plunges

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You made a good observation by pointing out that neither were in the United States. Also, I agree with you that the writer of the Nepal article definately seemed to have a lot more information that the writers of several of the other articles. With his stats and quotes, I think he was able to convey a lot more info in a short space than the others were able to because they had to describe the incident in their own words.

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