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Delayed Subject

It was interesting how the subject of this profile wasn't mentioned until the end of the second paragraph. At first, I wasn't sure what to think of that. It seemed odd that the subject wasn't mentioned in the first sentence. Even though it did make me wonder where this article was going, I guess it does make some sense to have gone about it this way. It acted as a lead in to set the profile up prior to introducing its subject in a different way.

Other Thoughts on Sample Profile 2

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I also wasn't sure why ducks were introduced before the subject. It was an amusing element to begin with, until we discover the ducklings are meeting an untimely death. I suppose this would be sit under number 10 on Clark & Scanlan's list: "Break the rules. The best writer will often find a gread lead that violates all these rules."

Jessie Krehlik:

I'm not sure I really liked that the author put off mentioning the subject of the profile until the second paragraph. Sure it was a clever way to lead into the story, but at first glance, people might not have realized what the article was actually about if they didn't read a headline or sub-head that explained it for them. I did think it was a cool alternative to the traditional lead nonetheless.

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