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More Than It Seems

The articles "Golden Gate Park layoffs" and "Ethanol IndyCars" both seemed to do really well with the idea we talked about in class--using something specific to cover a story that is relevant to people all over. The first article covered job layoffs in Golden Gate Park specifically, but job layoffs are a reality everywhere. This is simply one specific instance. The second article seemed to do this on an even grander scale. It was specifically about one race car driver who chose to use an environmentally friendly fuel. What was it really about? How people in general should be more environmentally conscious. One of the quotes in the article indicated this--"'I wanted to do something relevant to consumers - not something so exotic that it was X years away from reality,' Zadig said." For the most part, the article did remain focused on the race car industry, but it did appear to have a larger target with the message than that.

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Josie Rush:

Jennifer, I blogged about basically the same thing. It's kind of interesting that they make a smaller theme, like one driver changing his fuel, an overlying theme for an article, but fill it with a more general problem, like pollution and our earth's depleting resources. It's almost backwards, but it works so well. I linked to your entry from my blog. Thanks for an insightful post.

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