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More Than One Side

One of the tips Chapter 35: Crime reporting introduction from The News Manual was to make sure to cover all aspects of a crime--the police involvement, the suspect, and the victim. This makes sense, as it goes along with what we've already gone over in class. It is necessary to keep news article unbiased. There is more than one side to every story. If only one aspect of a story were covered or if two aspects on one side of a story is covered while the aspects on the other side or sides are ignored then this would go against that rule. It could potentially show bias. It is important that all areas are included in order to ensure that the article is kept in the objective point of view.

Other Thoughts On Crime Reporting Tips

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Josie Rush:

This is a good thing to point out in crime reporting, where things can seem cut and dry: victim, criminal, crime. Really, much of the time, no one has been officially convicted, so it's necessary to keep the "innocent into proven guilty" mantra running through your mind as you write.

As we saw with the two crime stories that we read, sometimes there isn't enough time or enough information to be able to cover the other side of the story. There was really only one side to the story about the guy who fought off a potential robber because no suspects had been found yet. Nobody really questions the victim's story because no facts were present to indicate he might have been lying. In the other story, the reporter did get quotes not just from the victim's side but the accused. I think in that story there was a much more balanced view of the situation and a sense that reader can't know what really happened. As more facts become known, the more objective your viewpoint can become, I think.

Wendy Scott:

I have to agree with you Jennifer the information giving really sparks the idea of what to cover, and how to keep in unbiased. I think that the Chapter 35: article gave good tips on how to attach the readers interest as well and what they want to hear about. I think your statement:"It is important that all areas are included in order to ensure that the article is kept in the objective point of view." Is a good point. You must include the information to make the article worthy of the accurate information.

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