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News vs. Essay

My initial reaction after reading this list was that it all makes sense. News is much more fact based than an English essay. It is important that every detail is clear so that the reader does not misunderstand the meaning. While this is also important with an essay, it is crucial with a news article. There is room for error in an essay but not in the news. It also makes sense that the point of view should remain objective, because news articles are generally supposed to remain unbiased. It would be too easy to include a biased opinion if the article were related in first person.

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I agree with you that for the most part this list portrays newswriting as objective and unbiased, but the stress it places on descriptive action verbs seems to me like it could lead to using possibly loaded words that sway a reader's opinion. "Interrogating" someone sounds a lot different from "interviewing" someone, for example. But still, if newswriters never used any sort of creative verbiage there wouldn't be a lot of people interested in reading their material. However, I do think that conciseness can sometimes almost lead to over-simplification in certain circumstances.

Derek Tickle:

I like how you say that "news is much more fact based, than an English essay." If a news reporter makes an error when reporting a breaking news story, then he or she could destroy the moral or purpose of the breaking news. If a mistake is made in an English essay, then the professor will simply circle it and inform the student of the mistake by notating it on the essay. Also, an English essay should NOT contain words like "I." On the other hand, a news reporter can use the word I if he or she is reporting from their point of view. This is a difficult call, but I and errors are close calls when it comes to news and reporting.

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