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Something In Common: Group 1 Reflection

I was in group one of the presentations. Overall, it seemed like no one in the group had a strong relationship with the news. Mostly everyone said that they didn't watch it much. Many said they didn't deal with or even like the news much. Everyone had something negative to say about it. The most common place that people in this group go to check the news is on the internet. One presenter--Andrew Wichrowski--even mentioned the radio. There were a variety of different ways that people chose to present their projects: through poetry, videos, power point presentations, a news letter, an essay, blog entries, a play, and a comic strip.

Josie Rush chose to show her interaction with the news through a short play she wrote. Her relationship to the news seems to be that she just ignores it. Diana Griffin wrote a comic detailing how she interacts with it. Considering her character self was more interested in the comic section and using her newspaper to make a paper gorilla, she seemed to be very much like Josie in that sense. It was interesting how they chose these forms of story telling for this project. These forms were good ways to get their distance from the news across.

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Aja Hannah:

I wonder what this says about us. Not having a relationship with the news would seem to cripple us, but like Mike mentioned we do actually have one. When he was in Italy, he realized that he actually stays informed even if its glancing at his homepage.

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