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Straight Forward

Both articles, Would-be robbery victim fights back and Plea deal reached in Jeannette enslavement, kidnap case, were straight forward and to the point. The first article was short out of necessity--since it had been written overnight with little time to gather much information--but it got all of the facts across in that short space. I guess the main difference between the first and second articles was the time issue. The second article had more to pull from. There was the current case that was going on--which had been ongoing, so there was already more information readily available--and there was also the past case. I guess this is another good example of how the length doesn't really matter as long as the necessary facts are accurately reported.

Other Thoughts On Sample Crime Reports

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Richelle Dodaro:

I didn't even think about the time issue here, as you did, which I think is really good. I definitely agree that they both got to the point. However, they both weren't error-free, but since you mentioned that the first one probably didn't have much time to cover it, then maybe this is why it had errors, such as its repetition, which I mentioned in my blog.

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