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The Scarlet Letter Is Taking Over

". . . The scarlet letter was represented in exaggerated and gigantic proportions, so as to be greatly the most prominent feature of her appearance. In truth, she seemed absolutely hidden behind it."
~page 97 of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

This is in part a continuation of my last entry, Foreshadowing, but from a perspective from later in the story. This particular segment where Hester views the Scarlet Letter taking over her appearance is interesting. It's a good way to show that it is such a large part of her life--such a weight that can't be lifted. In the beginning, one lady was going on about how Hester would surely just cover the letter and proudly go on as if she had done nothing wrong. This is one of the many details Hawthorne gives that shows just how very wrong that character was.

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Sarah Durham:

I like how you pointed out that Hester is not hiding the scarlet letter. "It is a heavy weight that can't be lifted and is worn" each day. You would think it would be easy for her to hide the letter and over time let the town forget or put the memory of what she had done in the back of their minds and move on. Instead she swallows her pride and each day bears the reminder of her crime.

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