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Unusual Event = News

It makes sense that only unusual events are newsworthy as opposed to common events. Common events tend to happen everyday to the point that they are mundane. No one would be interested in that. And could you imagine if every common event of every day was part of a news report? It would take forever to report it all. Keeping the focus on the unusual keeps people interested and keeps newspaper and news shows at a reasonable length. It makes sense that that's how it is.

Other thoughts on Newsworthiness

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Derek Tickle:

If every common event was reported, then not many people would watch the news. That is only my educated guess. I think that uncommon events are extremely important to broadcast, but what about the common events that are happy and do not get posted. What if someone rescues a cat from being trapped in a river? Sometimes, these events do not get onto the news, but it would be refreshing to hear about some of the positive things, like my example, that happens each day. Good blog!

Jessie Krehlik:

Unfortunately, "If it bleeds...it leads." And that's the sad truth. People would rather read about the strange happenings in their town than read about that kitten that was stuck in a tree or river or whatever. Why do you think people read the National Enquirer? (I'm assuming people do read it...I'm not one of them...but some people must, or it'd be out of business right?) Because strange and supernatural news is far more exciting than every day life, and let's face it, when faced with every day life, everyone needs a little escape every now and again.

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