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It's interesting that all of the quotes in the profile on Delancey Street's Director, Dr. Mimi Silbert are from other people talking about her. When you think about it, that does seem to be a really good way to go about it. Other people often have a better sense of a person than that person has of him or her self. By including only quotes from others about Dr. Silbert, we get a more accurate view of who she is than if the quotes were from her.

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Jessie Krehlik:

I'm not sure I agree with you 100 percent here. I feel like we did get an idea of who she is by including all those quotes, but I also feel like at least one or two basic quotes from Silbert would have strengthened the article as a whole. It would have been nice to see her take on why she founded the program in the first place, instead of hearing about it from someone else. Also, I felt like the article lacked facts about Silbert that didn't involve the program. Surely she did other things in her life besides this program, and I feel as though the profile would have been a lot stronger if it had showcased some of her other accomplishments.

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