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Wasp Filled Home

"The wasps came by thousands to my lodge in October, as to winter quarters, and settled on my windows within and on the walls overhead, sometimes deterring visitors from entering. Each morning, when they were numbed with cold, I swept some of them out, but I did not trouble myself much to get rid of them; I even felt complimented by their regarding my house as a desirable shelter."
~paragraph 3, chapter 13 of Thoreau's Walden

I cringe just thinking about that. Anyways, I think this detail tells the reader a lot about Thoreau. It seems that nature is very important to him, and he will do what he can to stay out of its way. The wasps are part of nature. He even writes after this that they don't really come after him, so they are simply a part of his life. He seems to be just as laid back with this as he seems all throughout the other portions of this book that we've read. The wasps aren't causing problems, so why worry about them?

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