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No Room for Excessive Pride

"Some journalists might be tempted to dismiss these concerns as evidence that many people are naive or unsophisticated about the news media; that they simply don't understand; that they don't have the basic technical vocabulary of media criticism to articulate concerns intelligently.

"We believe this would be a grave mistake."

~page 6 of Haiman's Best Practices for Newspaper Journalists

In addition to the rebuttal Haiman gives to this, it seems like it would be in the newspapers' best interests to not offend the readers. One good way to turn off the readers is to ignore their concerns. Journalists wouldn't have jobs if they didn't have readers. Also, as stated later in this book, like it or not, journalists, like everyone else, have to swallow their pride and admit what they've done wrong. It doesn't matter what your profession is--if you can't admit you were wrong, you can't improve. It is important to have this open-mindedness in order to do well in this profession--or any profession--and to make sure that everything is fair.

Other Thoughts on Haiman 1-16

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Derek Tickle:

Just like when writing a paper, the author must try to keep his/her opinions to theirselves and write the facts just like a news article. No job is perfect and neither is the work that is performed. Everyone, as you stated, makes mistakes and it's okay, but not if it is a constant mistake without correction. Some people believe that they do not make mistakes in their job because they havve worked the position for so many years. This can't be true because each day brings a new perspective on the job. Take a teacher's job, for example, and you better believe that mistakes can happen. Everyday a teacher is faced with a whole new "script." What I mean is that a teacher's job is very hard because you never know how the students will react or behavior.

Wendy Scott:

I really enjoyed your post. It really reflected and set up a sense of mind. The example you give of open mindedness, and the carrerr path is a strong point that I beleive should be focused on in the writing field. I mean I agree evryone makes mistakes but fixing them to show accuracy is a a path that should be lead and followed.
I agree with Derek's comment as well with the fact that the news articles are typically like a paper in reference keeping oppinions to yourself. I tend to state my oppinion its a political thing I guess or whatever you want to call it. Though I believe Derek had a good point. The point you make are great.

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