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The Scar

"Now, go figure out Harry Potter's scar."
~page 200 of Thomas C. Foster's How to Read Literature Like a Professor

What can I say? Foster gave a challenge. I decided to try and meet that challenge. So, those of us who have read all of the books know the reason J. K. Rowling gave us in the final book and those who have at least seen the movies at least have some idea about the importance of Harry's scar, but there may very well be more meaning behind it than just that. We know Harry got the scar when he was a baby and Voldemort tried to kill him. We also know that it appears to be a connection with Voldemort, more so than just through its origins. Finally, we know from the fifth book/movie that Harry was prophesied to be the only one who could defeat Voldemort. So, what does the scar mean exactly? Harry is so connected to Voldemort that he couldn't run from his destiny even if he wanted to and tried to. He was branded with the lightening bolt scar on his forehead, or anointed with it as the placement suggests. The shape could very well signify the power that caused it as well as the power Harry himself has. Lightening bolts are pretty powerful in nature. They can cause a lot of destruction. Voldemort, the one who caused the scar, is very destructive in nature. Those who have read the fifth book know that Harry can be pretty destructive as well when he is mad and not in control of his power. These are just some ideas. I'm not sure how well this holds up to Foster's challenge, but anyways . . .

Does anyone else have any ideas about the meaning?

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Jeremy Barrick:

Not as easy as it seems. Is it? When we enter the literary world, it appears that scars, water, blindness, and other things change their intentions. It is not as if these things mentioned are aesthetic. Or could they?

Meagan Gemperlein:

See this is why I hate trying to find meaning in some things. It just makes things more confusing.

I'm just going to think he has a lightening bolt scar because it looks cool and any other symbol would have looked ridiculous.

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