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Crowded Webpage

I almost thought there was too much going on on the homepage of The Harvard Crimson. I can understand arranging all of the individual sections to be this way, but they tried to put too much on that first page. It takes away from the content. If a few articles had been emphasized more, then more attention would be paid to them.

That aside, it seemed like a good idea to have the picture in the middle to change and have each of the pictures in the cycle to link to their corresponding articles. In all honesty, though, I don't know that I would have thought to click on the pictures if we hadn't talked about that in class today. The articles these pictures linked to were also mentioned elsewhere on the page as well. If they would add a comment under the cycling pictures saying that they link to the articles, they could leave the other links to these off of that page to save space.

I did like how some of the pictures linked to slide shows and to include videos for some of the sports stories; the slide shows allow the readers to see more, if they so choose, and if the story is focused on something that happened during a sports game, the video would be more effective.

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Jessie Krehlik:

While I agree that there may have been a little bit too much on the main page, I still liked the layout, mostly because it was so similar to a newspaper. Call me biased, lol. However, if I think back to EL 236-Writing for the Internet, I acknowledge that online readers don't like to read a lot on a webpage. It might be more useful to just include the links and brief leads into stories. But, all in all, I still liked The Crimson more than the Cavalier.

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