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Skepticism Can Be a Good Thing

"But the checking process is best begun with the mindset that the tip is just as likely to be wrong as it is right."
~page 59 of Haiman's Best Practices for Newspaper Journalists

This goes along with the tip that has been brought up in class time and time again. It is never a good idea to just assume that something is true. We need to keep an open mind; just because we heard something doesn't mean it's true. I know earlier in this course--for the Family Weekend article--I had heard that the clubs had signed up for the Griffin Regatta as a way to gain money for their clubs since their budgets had been cut, but I later found out that the prizes weren't monetary--they were gift cards to the school's bookstore.

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Dianna Griffin:

You're right. We do need to keep an open mind. However, in a situation like this, I feel like they were trying to be misleading. It seems that they really just wanted people to spend more money at the bookstore haha.

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