Question: What, if anything, would you die for?

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Last year while attending WCCC (Westmoreland County Community College) I was asked to do a speech for a public speaking class.  The speech had to be twelve minutes in length and I couldn't think of anything to talk about for that amount of time.  My teacher asked, "What, if anything, would you die for?"  She went on to explain that whatever the answer was would be a good topic for the aforementioned speech.  Without hesitation I thought, "Well a cigarette would be nice...."  Not very profound I admit but the class was three hours long gimme a break.  As I puffed my long awaited cigarette I pondered her question and I found my answer.  Gay rights.  I would absolutely put my life on the line for that.  I am a proud member of the LGBTQ community and every day in this "free" country our rights our blatantly denied in regard to marriage, adoption, military service, and employment discrimination.  In addition, the number of hate crimes committed against members of the LGBTQ community have risen in the last few years, and that both saddens and disgusts me.  Its 2009 and the members of my community have to face the very real possibilty that one day their lives could be cut short by a hateful lunatic, and for what?  Because they lived their lives out and proud and unafraid rather than cowering hopeless and afraid in the closet.  According to the National School Climate Survey in 2007 60% of gay students felt unsafe because of their peers views on sexual orientation, identity, and expression.  The aforementioned statistics no doubt attribute to the fact that LGBTQ teens are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than their heterosexual counterparts.  We are told on a fairly regular basis that we are "less than" every one else, we are less deserving of our rights because of who we are and if I may speak plainly it pisses me off.  This is an issue that I feel more than passionate bout, it is the most important thing in my life.  So I ask you, "What, if anything, would you die for?"


wow... I was fairly active with BiGLTM during my undergrad, and as a music person, I spent a lot of time around those who live in that community, as well as living in it myself.
That is a very powerful thing to die for. I completely agree, it's almost 2010 and we still have issues, as a society, in dealing with something that is not really all that new. People have been living this way for an extremely long time. I learned recently that the King James (yes the same as the version of the Bible) had gay tendencies. That amazed me! since that lifestyle is shunned in that version of the Bible.

What would I die for? My sister. I may not express my affection for her often, but her situation... I would do anything to let her live a happy life.
I would expand that to family - or rather who I perceive as family - because I feel that they are the most important thing in the world. It may be a little selfish, but I really feel that my loved ones deserve everything and more, so if it included my giving up my life to make them eternally happy, I would do it.

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Heather, thats not selfish at all in fact its incredibly admirable. Family is such an important thing in our lives. I have to confess that certain members of my family and myself do not get along at all and its quite humbling to hear you speak so highly of your loved ones and say that you would die for them. I also thank you for your comment, your kind words,and your involvement with both the community and the movement. How did you first get involved?

I came out as a bisexual when my first girlfriend asked me to date her... officially... that kinda broke the barriers down. I have so many friends that live that lifestyle though, and I love all of them so much! So, I just went with one of them to the meetings down there - when I could fit it in - not extremely active, but I do respect the choice, it's extremely difficult to live with that.

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It can be difficult absolutely but I always try to stay positive and say life is what you make of it, it doesn't matter what other people think or say, of course sometimes it might piss you off but its all about how you respond to the bullshit. If can allow yourself to be strong enough and work your way through it then the battle is half won.
WOW i just realized that this is the first time I have commented on my blog or anyone else's more than once hahaha.
Oh by the way there is a Gay Straight Alliance meeting tonight at 930 in 207 Admin if you can make it that would be awseome.

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