Metaphors galore in the Fog

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"When it was daylight, here was the clear Ohio water in the shore, sure enough, and outside was the old regular Muddy!  So it was all up with Cairo." (Twain 158)

I found this particular event in the story to be a coupling of possible metaphors.  Firstly, and perhaps more obviously, Huck is in a perpetual fog throughout the story as to whether he should do the "right thing" and turn Jim in or help him escape slavery and do the "wrong thing" and whether these are in fact right and wrong respectively.  And it is in a literal fog that Huck and Jim lose their way.  Coincidence; I think not....

The second possible metaphor I thoughtof when reading this section is that Huck and JIm are attempting to reach the north (freedom) but they have been doing so by simply following the current.  Freedom cannot be attained by simply following the current, it must be fought for with all of one's energy and heart.  So it is the current that ulitimately keeps them form freedom and in fact takes them further from it.

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