Its all in the Details Part II

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"In Huckleberry Finn as in Wordsworth's Lyrical ballads, the language of literature gains a new life by being violently torn loose from its established moorings." (Smith)

Probaby my absolute favorite thing about this work is the language which is masterfully manipulated and molded by Twain. The story is great, the characters are wondeful but for me at least, the language trumps them all. The accents used in the narration and dialouge are, in my opinion the best part of the book, they just add so much. Without them the book would be so much poorer, it would be like watching a film were each actor spoke plainly, with no depth, emotion, or feeling at all.  The malopropisms are some of the things I look forward to the most in this story; such as when the king and the duke are practicing their stage performance and the king mentions  an encore and it is spelled correctly but when the duke asks what an encore is it is spelled "onkore".  Little touches like these make this book for me.

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