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"Thy hair is lifted by the moon    

Like flowers by the low breath of June!" (Poe FairyLand)

The above quote is from Poe's FairyLand.  I just love the way Poe uses such beautiful fantastical descriptions in this poem to describe the simplest things such as a woman's hair and how it moves in the soft night breeze. Whenever I read something this wonderfully written I can't help but  sometimes wonder why someone would rather watch MTV or reality televsion; I just wanna say that those people who say they are bored by poetry aren't reading it right.   

"Who alterest all things with thy peering eyes! Why prey'st thou thus upon the poet's heart, 
Vulture! whose wings are dull realities!" (Poe Sonnet to Science) 

In this poem Poe makes a claim that I think lends itself so well to poetry; that science has ruined fantasy and imagination- the two most important things in the mind and heart of a poet.  Simply put, its more fun to believe in fairies, goblins, dragons, angels, and demons etc than to succumb to the dull realities of science.      

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