Bad Boy Boom

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Twain's novel, "deals with a series of adventures of a very low grade of morality...It is also very irreverent...The whole book is of a class that is more profitable for the slums than it is for respectable people, and it is trash of the veriest sort" (Mailloux 48).

I just found it hilarious that this novel has been accepted as an American classic in some circles and hailed as filth by others ever since its publication.  However, what i found even more hilarious was that the social standing of those who hail it as a classic today is the same who in the above quote call it trash and morally reprehensible.  Also, it is constantly under fire for being percieved as racist and intolerant but the quote above claims that the novel is suitable only for the lowly wretches who inhabit the "slums", you know, the lesser people who those white, God-fearing "respectable" people dare not associate with. 

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