Foster Ch. 25-6

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Instead try to find a reading perspective that allows for sympathy with the historical moment of the story, that understands the text as having been written against its own social, historical, cultural, and personal background.  (Foster 228-9).

I could not agree more with Foster right now! I also found this particular passage very appropriate being that we have read Huck Finn, a book so synonomous with controversy more people know about why they "shouldn't read it" then why it should be read.  So many cry "Racsist" when Mark Twain is mentioned because of this novel coupled with their failure to adhere to Foster's aforementioned words of wisdom.  The novel is an accurate depiction of the time, Twain depicts the intolerance of intolerant people in an intolerant time (in a negative light I might add) and he is therefore called....INTOLERANT! It boggles my mind.  Race seems to be the only issue that can cause this type of outcry.  If an author depicts a murder or a rape no one moves swiftly to label him a killer or a rapist. 

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