Scott; There's more Honor

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"By the time of the evasion, then, Tom does not see what others see.  Others see a pick, Tom sees a case-knife.  Others see a shed, Tom sees a dungeon.  Others see a runaway slave, Tom sees an imprisoned nobleman." (Scott 192)

Tom is stuck in a perpetual fairy tale mindset, it is this incredibly imaginative state that Tom can't seem to escape, while he might seem immature making everyone else play by his rules and seemingly dance to the tune he calls almost arbitrarily he too is no exception to "the rules".  Since Tom is more "sivilzed" than Huck he does not have the "luxury" of the rough, adventurous life that for Huck is so commonplace.  Huck has lived a very hard life for anyone let alone a boy and therefore has had no choice but to grow up and mature accordingly; much more quickly than Tom ever had to.  Tom has had a much more comfortable life than Huck and therefore seeks out these "adventures" wherever he can convince himself that they are, to Huck they are not adventures, they are just everyday life.   

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