Wildcard #3

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My Wildcard entry is about the upcoming holiday Christmas.  It is my favorite time fo the year and I look forward to it so much throughout the year.  Lately, the houses on my street are all lit up with lights, the days are growing shorter and just today my family and i put up our christmas tree.  We listened to christmas music, laughed and had a lot of fun and afterwards we all just sat in the living room admiring the tree and just talking for hours.  Its a tradition I look forward to every year.  We also got our first snow this weekend-dunno if anyone tried it but it was great snowball snow!  My dad, my friend russ and i discovered this while taking the garbage out at work, and yes an impromtu snowball fight occured between three grown men haha.  What is it about situations like that that can turn you into a little kid again? Nobody knows but its great. 

Anyway, one more week til break!  Have a happy holiday everybody!

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